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Anchor's Turnkey Email Solutions

Email Retail Programs

Optimize Your Next Email Marketing Campaign with Anchor's Turnkey Email Solutions.

What differentiates Anchor's Email Retail Programs from other suppliers?

Anchor brings together multiple data sources and then identifies and capitalizes on the best data for each client application, rather than just one single data source. All emails are put through rigorous permission and hygiene processes before determining eligibility for the database. Anchor also applies intelligence and quality measures to its data sets, by identifying:

  • The most current opt-in date
  • Self-reported/Enhanced Demographic Information
  • Paid domains
  • Free domains
  • Date ranges

In addition, multiple emails per address can be ranked according to client specified criteria. Anchor will work with each project and focus on measuring the most optimal mix for deliverability.

Anchor provides complete email services; including email append, Reverse-email append, ECOA, email list hygiene, data enhancement, deployment and campaign management.

With Anchor's Retail Email Append Services you can:

  • DRIVE customers to your website and boost on-line sales
  • RETAIN customers by sending relevant and interactive email communications
  • CREATE faster, more effective marketing campaigns at a fraction of postal mail costs
  • IMPROVE conversion rates by multi channel marketing

Let Anchor help you optimize your next email marketing campaign with superior match rates, competitive pricing, fast turnaround and dedicated customer service.

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